What To Expect

Whoever you are, whatever you do, and wherever life has taken you, you are welcome here at First Baptist!

You need to know when you come here, you won’t be judged, put on the spot or badgered. Instead you’ll be greeted, welcomed, loved and encouraged towards a deeper more meaningful relationship with God. Our people are a warm blend of different ages and ethnicity. Our music has an authentic contemporary blending (and the coffee’s free). Feel free to explore who we are, what we believe, and what God is doing in our lives. We are a growing family and we are looking forward to your visit!


What should I expect having never been to First Baptist Church?

First, come as you are. Dress is not important. Blue jeans or t-shirt. Tie or dress. It doesn’t matter. Whatever you are comfortable wearing.


The crowd is laid back and friendly but not intrusive. Feel welcome to bring a coffee into the service with you. The pews are comfortably padded.

If you have children, we have a fun children’s church, a nursery and a toddler room. Of course the children are welcome to stay in the service with you, so it’s up to you, whatever makes you and your children most comfortable.

Our music is more contemporary, usually guitars, bass, keyboard, and percussion playing a mixture of new and older music, singing hymns and current songs of today. Time slips by quickly as most people tell us that they really enjoy themselves at our services.

What is expected of people who call First Baptist Church their church home?

What we ask of everyone at First Baptist is simple. . . in fact, it is as easy 1,2,3 !

One, come to the Sunday worship service. If you can’t, listen on-line.


Two, be involved in a small group. If you aren’t now . . . sign up at our next Open Sunday for the start of the next small groups.


Three, be involved in at least one area of service. If you aren’t now, attend the next ministry fair to see what opportunities are available or contact the church office to see what opportunities are available. We are all here to do our share as part of the body and if we are all involved in looking for a place to serve, we will all being using our God’s given gifts and talents to serve the Body of Christ and those who are yet outside.