We exist to reach out and lead people in Jamestown and the region into a relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

It’s also our goal to help draw those who already know Jesus¬† personally into a deeper, more intimate relationship with Him and then to grow to be a reproducing disciple of Christ.

We believe as we look to express love to God through worship, to encourage community around God’s Word, and to extend love through service, God is growing First Baptist Church to be the church body He wants it to be!

Our History

May 22, 1882, with ten people present and a goal to reach the area with the gospel of Jesus Christ, First Baptist Church was officially organized.

Since that challenge has yet to be met, their dreams live on in us. Their foundation of Jesus Christ is now our spiritual heritage. We look to live lives that will be examples of courage, obedience and love to future generations that will someday hear and read of our endeavors and work for Christ. May they along with Christ be able to say, “Well done, good and faithful servants.” We continue daily to write our history as we continue to position ourselves to be the “new and freshest” long-standing church in the area.

Our Future

We are not distracted by the times in which we live or discouraged by the level of difficulty or the depth of the needs around us, but instead we are encouraged by the greatness of our God.

We are a steadily growing family of real people that are excited about Jesus Christ. We seek to know Him and make Him known. We are excited by the present realities and the tremendous future possibilities! We are conservative in our theology but liberal in its application. We seek to make the Bible understandable and immediately applicable to where we live today. We will do whatever it takes for people to know Jesus, as long as we don’t compromise who He is or His Word in the process. We seek to be fresh daily and we believe that makes us unique.